So I'm a little late on this, but haven't been spending a whole lot of time at my computer the last few weeks... I'm sure you all understand!

Laura and I had our baby! Andrew Jordan Walter (But we're calling him Drew), born on February 29th at 9:54pm... 8lbs 1oz and 21" long. Both he and Laura and doing great, and it's been fun hanging out with him so far. Looking forward to the years ahead!
Drew WalterThe Walter'sDrew WalterDrew Walter

Los Angeles
A little late on this one, but I've been pretty busy between work, remodeling a bathroom (Pictures coming soon!), and getting ready for the baby (Under 2 months away! Ahhhhhh!)

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Mini Me
I'm pretty sure everybody that reads this blog (hi mom!) already knows... but just in case I have some mystery readers out there, here it is... Laura and I are having a baby! Well... Laura is having the baby, and I'm married to a pregnant woman! But in a few months (February), I'll be a dad! Damn... that's scary

The due date is February 10, 2011. Laura's about 13 weeks along... so we won't know the sex for another month or 2... but we do plan on finding out. We're both hoping for a boy, but would be more than happy with a girl. We're really just hoping for a healthy baby, regardless.

Guess I'm gonna need to stop being lazy sometime and do some work on that spare bedroom in our house... got a nursery to make!

Las Vegas
Laura and I went on our second vacation of the year, this time with my family, to Las Vegas. Various pieces of my family go to Vegas at least once a year, sometimes more... and this trip was planned because Laura had never been there.

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A bit late on this one... but better late than never!

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I Got A Job!
I got laid off almost a year ago... April 24, 2009 to be exact. I spent the majority of the remainder of the year looking for a new job. I found a part time job in September, working a couple days a week at Cybervise Limited, a local web development place. I was very grateful to have it, but the bills didn't stop growing when the job was gone... and a couple days a week just wasn't going to help that very much. So I continued looking for a full time job, for the most of the rest of the year.

I got moved up to 3 days a week towards the end of 2009, with a few extra hours here and there. It wasn't ideal, but it helped. I pretty much stopped searching at this point for something else, because there was just nothing coming. I wasn't getting anything... no interviews, not even any return calls. I decided I'd just try to make enough working at Cybervise and doing freelance work with ReliantWeb to make ends meet.

After a few months of this, I got an email one day through my portfolio website. It was from the President of a Cincinnati area company, Map Your Show. He said they had an opening for a full time web developer, and based on my website, he wanted to see if I'd have any interest in the position. I figured, sure, why not. I was getting by with my part time work, but I'd be stupid to not even get information on a full time position.

I got some more information, and it sounded interesting. It was a Cold Fusion programming position though, and I don't know Cold Fusion. I've heard from multiple people it's very easy to learn, but haven't even gotten into it. I figured at this point my chances were very low, but I went ahead and told them I'd be interested in an interview. I'm such a nerd... the more languages I can learn, the better =)

I interviewed, met a couple other programmers, they all seemed like cool people... The environment seemed real relaxed... the only con was the location. It's not real far away (About 20 miles), but I was hoping for something a bit closer. I hate morning, as most of you know, so the less time I have to spend in rush hour traffic in the mornings, the better!

Anyhoo... I got a call from them Friday afternoon, offering me the position! Very exciting! I've gotten kind of used to have a few days a week to run around and get stuff accomplished, so going back to work 5 days a week will be a bit of an adjustment... but a good one. I think I'm "officially" starting on April 26th, but not sure on that. Since I'm only working 3 days a week currently, I may go in the other 2 days a week to get a head start on learning Cold Fusion before starting full time. They said they'll send me some paperwork on Monday and we'll figure it out from there.

So yeah... 351 days after being laid off... I finally got another full time job! Woohoo!

New Orleans
Now that I've had a few days to recover... thought I'd blog about my recent trip to New Orleans. Just to warn you, it may be long and boring... proceed at your own risk =)

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Brett Favre
Let me start out by saying I used to love Brett Favre. He was a great QB, had a great career, and was a lot of fun to watch. More recently, starting with the way he handled his retirement/unretirement/retirement/unretirement crap for the last few years of his Packers career like a spoiled brat, he started to get on my nerves. But that can't take away his career.

Now, to the point... Brett Favre is out to get me.

2006 - I drafted Favre to be my QB in fantasy football, and he killed me. When I started him, he'd throw 3 INT's and 0 TD's. When I'd sit him, he'd throw 3 TD's and 0 INT's

2007 - My wife drafted Favre in fantasy football this year. I shared with her my experience from the previous year, and she chose to drop him, and her dad picked him up. He then had a Pro Bowl year and was on fire. I had to put up with my wife all year being mad at me for making her drop him.

2008 - Every year in the offseason, I place small bets on a team or two for next year. This year, I put money on the Jets to with the AFC. Then, in August, Brett Favre decided that he wanted to play for the Jets, and he helped them to melt down at the end of the year and lose the Division by 1 game and miss the playoffs. One more win would have gotten them in the playoffs, and he throws 3 interceptions in the last game of the year and loses it by a TD.

2009 - In a fantasy football league this year, I made it into the playoffs. The first game in the playoffs, I was winning until 30 seconds left in the Monday Night game, our game ended in a tie... thanks to Brett Favre throwing a last second TD to send his game against the Bears, and put up JUST enough stats in OT to catch me. The tiebreaker was total number of TD's scored by your starting roster, we tied there too. The next tiebreaker was number of points put up by your QB, my opponent won that one, with Brett Favre. The next week, my team did crazy awesome, and I would have won the championship if I hadn't lose the tiebreaker the week before.

2009 - This year, I put money on the Vikings to win the NFC. Bet you can't guess what happens next? Brett Favre talks the Jets into releasing him so that he can sign with the Vikings just before the season starts. He got them into the NFC Championship game... and one more win would win me my bet. He drove the team barely into field goal range, and then threw an interception with under 10 seconds to go. The game goes into overtime, the Saints get the ball, go down the field and win.

I think next year I'm going to put money on the Packers... the only team I can be sure that Brett Favre won't sign with and jinx me!

I am full aware that Brett Favre is not out to get me. Please don't email me and tell me I'm an idiot for thinking Brett Favre is purposely making me lose. I am aware that is not the case. My rivalry with Brett Favre is purely for entertainment. =)

I Love Garage Sales!
I love garage sales. I used to stop by them all the time. Not so much anymore, but I still go out occasionally.

Every year there is a "World's Largest Yard Sale", which starts near where we live in Ohio, and runs all the way down to Alabama. I talked Laura into going out with me for a couple days and driving down 127 and stopping by as many garage sales as we could. Good times!

We found some cheap Christmas gifts, I got a few Reds bobbleheads... and at one sale, I found an unused book of Cincinnati Reds season tickets from the 1990 season. For those who don't know, that season the Reds went wire-to-wire... starting the season ranked #1, and staying at #1 all through the season, and eventually winning the World Series. I collect sports memorabilia, so I asked the guy how much he wanted for it and a bobblehead, and he said he'd give me both for $25. I took it, because I had seen that same bobblehead on sale a few weeks earlier at a place for $40, so I figured it was a good deal.

I saw a posting online a few weeks ago about the Reds Hall of Fame Museum doing an upcoming exhibit on that 1990 team, and they were looking for people who had things from that season to loan items to the museum for the exhibit, so I emailed them and told them about my ticket book and some old newspapers I had. I heard back from them a few days ago saying that they would love to borrow my season ticket book for the exhibit, so I arranged to meet with him this week to fill out the paperwork.

I went, and filled out the paperwork, and he asked if I knew how rare this was. I told him I knew they weren't common, but that's about it. He said he's never seen a full unused season ticket book from ANY season, let alone a World Series season. He said that the Reds destroyed all unsold tickets, and wouldn't even let the museum save any until just a couple years ago. He asked what the value was, for insurance purposes, and I had no idea. So I got in touch with a few local memorabilia dealers. Turns out this ticket book is very rare, and I'm not going to say what they estimated the value at, but let's just say it was many many MANY times more than my initial investment!

I love garage sales!

Front of season ticket bookInside of season ticket book

I got a job!

Well, part of a job... I'm working part time for a local web development company, and the rest of the time, I'm going to be working freelance, hopefully pulling in enough to comfortably pay the bills

That's all for now. Hope y'all are well


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